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Anticipate. Withstand. Recover. Adapt.

Resion is a Swiss consulting company guiding companies in strategizing, building, and exercising cyber resilience capabilities, ensuring business operations can continue with minimal impact in case of cyberattacks.

Our Services

We enable your organization to be cyber resilient: Strategic Planning, Development, and Continuous Preparedness.


Assessing and mapping your cyber resilience journey

Identifying critical threat scenarios specific to your business

Ensuring compliance within cyber and regulatory frameworks

Understanding and addressing third-party and supply-chain risks

Designing architecture principles with resilience at their core


Creating actionable incident and crisis management plans

Establishing enhanced Business Impact Assessments (BIA) to identify your Critical Assets

Defining resilience controls across people, processes, and technology

Engaging teams with interactive resilience training

Establishing governance that spans business, technology, and risk


Conducting threat-informed tabletop exercises

Employing scalable, simulation-based cyber incident exercises

Running end-to-end exercises, from initial SOC alerts to business recovery

Testing crisis communication effectiveness

Optimizing resilience plans through workshops

Our Clients

At resion, our mission is to make every partnership a model of success.

We engage with visionary leaders from startups to Fortune 500 companies in essential sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. Here’s why our clients value our partnership:

  • Trusted Partnership: We prioritize integrity, reliability, and dedication to the long-term success of each client.
  • Rapid, High-Quality Delivery: We deliver top-tier, efficient solutions quickly to meet urgent needs and exceed high expectations.
  • Innovative Capabilities: We craft innovative and effective cyber resilience strategies based on regulations and industry-leading practices.

Rooted in trust, expertise, and innovation, resion ensures that each project builds real capabilities for sustained cyber resilience.

“The expertise that they brought to the table was a cornerstone enabler to get the engagement off the ground quickly, driven by a clear structure and backed with quality deliverables throughout. Resion is able to express and deliver expertise in a way that was easy to consume for our management, and their collaborative nature made it easy to have engaging discussions.”

Global CISO, Pharma (Fortune 250)

“Your ability to work with operational concepts while still making them relevant to board level members has greatly helped. Working with myself and my teams I think we have developed a real trusted partnership, and we look forward to working with you well into the future.”

Global CISO, Consumer Goods (Fortune 100)

“They are continuously demonstrating their extremely high personal engagement. Resion always provides highly appreciated advisory in all engagements, effectively leveraging their professional experience and expertise to clearly recommending the best course of action to us.”

Head InfoSec GRC, Manufacturing (Fortune 100)

“Resion was a key catalyst in changing my perspective about consultancy firms. With their commitment and approach, they demonstrated, on several occasions, that it is possible to build a true partnership with consulting firms and that not everything is only about the billable hours.”

Deputy CISO, Life Science (Fortune 100)

“Resion listens to our needs and strives to exceed our expectations, they accept responsibility, show great initiative and commitment and outstanding planning and organizational skills.”

Head IT Governance, Financial Services (Fortune 500)


Our team draws on extensive experience from leading consulting and technology firms as well as the public sector. We deliver innovative solutions that are proven and ensure your business is well prepared to handle cyber challenges effectively.


10+ years in Cyber Resilience
Led multiple Cyber, Financial & Humanitarian Crises Events
Former CISO & Head of IT Ops
Ex-Deloitte Cyber Strategy Director


6 years in Cyber Resilience
Scalable Cyber Incident and Crisis Simulations
Incident Response Planning
Ex-Deloitte Cyber Resilience Consulting


Lawyer (PhD intersection Cyber & Law)
EU & CH Cyber Regulations
Data Protection and Information Security
Cyber Crime & Extortion


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